4 Convenient Day Care Programs for Adults

Quality Adult Day Care in the Twin Cities

Providing health monitoring, therapeutic services and a variety of engaging activities. Meet, socialize and interact with peers to live healthier, happier and longer lives.


My mom enjoys the field trips, games and new friendships. I appreciate the transportation you provide to get her there and back each day.

Frequently Asked Questions


What services are offered in Legacy and Heartland Adult Daycare?

Legacy Adult Daycare and Heartland Adult Daycare offer a variety of medical and therapeutic services, including:

  • Blood-pressure and blood-sugar monitoring
  • Disease management (e.g., diabetes supervision)
  • Physical and massage therapy
  • Medication assistance
  • Memory-enhancement activities

Are meals and transportation provided for Legacy and Heartland Adult Daycare participants?

Yes. Our delicious meals include a full breakfast, healthy snacks, and lunch. To make things easier for Legacy Adult Daycare and Heartland Adult Daycare participants and their family members, we provide transportation to and from our centers!

Are Legacy and Heartland Adult Daycare programs culturally diverse?

Our adult day programs are open to all older adults, regardless of their race or religion. However, most of our Twin Cities Adult Daycare programs have developed a unique cultural flavor as we embrace the diversity present in the communities we serve.

How do participants pay for Legacy and Heartland Adult Daycare in the Twin Cities?

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • All Insurances
  • County Programs*
  • Waivers**
  • Private Pay

*We contract with Hennepin County and accept Blue Plus, HealthPartners, Medica, Metropolitan Health Plan, UCare Minnesota, and other state and county health insurances.
**Medicaid Waivers include CAC (Community Alternative Care), CADI (Community Access for Disability Inclusion), BI (Brain Injury) & others.